Monday 4 November 2019by Stefano

Life, as you know, is unpredictable. You can never know what it will happen tomorrow and whether you know it, you are sure that there will be troubles or something ruining your projects. It’s called the Murphy’s law: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Europe in C’ s last week could be the perfect example of that universal law, but it was not. Our amazing week in Provence could not be ruined because it was the very top of an iceberg that has started to be built in 2017 and touched the lively harbour of the Phocen city, the warm sun of Greece, the strong bora of Trieste, the Flemish colours of Oostende, the strong heritage of Dunkirk and that will land to the Northern shores of Rostock.

We have known great musicians and the levelling power of music, in particular the contemporary one, which transformed your instruments in wise storytellers. On Friday and Saturday the public of Marseille heard the voices of the percussions sneaking through the corners of the Rotative, hiding into the abandoned machines and trying to bring them back to life. The same public of Marseille heard the wide and hoarse enticement of the woodwind section, reminding us the story of our continent.
We all heard the click as a sensitive, dynamic, never-tired heartbeat leading the strings of the Greek instruments narrating Mediterranean stories while above their heads some violins and some flutes were screaming their presence in front of the chant of the mermaids spellbinding us.
We looked at professors and organizers and we searched a glad smile under their bright eyes while we observed musicians’ faces and the implicit empathy of their bodies.

We spent a week trying to know each others and we ended it on Saturday as a big group, more than an orchestra, more than an association. Almost a big family pooled together by a musical piece called IN C. Your power and your art allowed people listening to you to be part of the same hug and to smile at people never seen before. In a few words, YOU HAVE CREATED UNITY.