Athens Report : Ina Böckelmann, Violin

Monday 8 July 2019by Ina Böckelmann

The first rehearsal was exhausting, because we all played only individually and not together. We were not a community, but after this week we become a closer community. We could break away from the score and patterns and walked around playing together with everyone.

Connecting each other and becoming a community while playing „In C“ needs time and practise, but we did it. Playing in a circle and seeing everyone while making music is a really good experience for me as an orchestra member. It is a diffrent way of communication and a wonderful idea to intensify the European community spirit.

It was exciting to hear and see traditional instruments played by the Greek students. Not only in the Department of Music also in the city we heard traditional music or new music played with traditional instruments. Often one person started playing and another joined in. One night we also saw traditional dancing at a restaurant.

This trip and project for "Europe in C“ was a great experience. The week with rehearsals and concerts together with other students from different countries has to be continued.