Athens Report : Josephina Strößner, Flute

Monday 8 July 2019by Josephina Strößner

Between the 24th of June up to the 30th of June I was a participant of the workshop and performance in Athens. All in all it was a great experience! During the workshops the piece "In C“ became more and more fascinating for me. First of all because I get to know better how it works. After the week it was also easier to create effects in and with the patterns. It was funny to notice, that someone is in the same pattern but displaced by an eighth note for example. In those moments the piece became a dynamic from the group.

The international meeting and experiences were also interesting. We get to know many traditional instruments from Greece with special technics to play and new sounds. Before and after the workshops they sit together and played, for my ears, traditional Greek music.

Furthermore it was a special situation before and during the concert on Saturday. For the “German punctuality” it was unfamiliar to start the concert belatedly, but for the future it could be a relaxed attitude from which we could learn :) It was also extraordinary that the audience walked through the group of musicians and we, as musicians, had the possibility to do it as well.

From my point of view, Europe in C in Athens was a great new experience of playing together, creating music and a week full of good perceptions and many positive events. Thank you all for that!