Athens Report : Lanqin Yu, Piano

Monday 8 July 2019by Fabien Chapuis, Lanqin Yu

It was a very impressive project. We had a wonderful trip in Athens and a really successful concert. The Rehearsal for In C seems not so difficult. But when we really want to do a good music, then we must try different ways. We did everyday a small exercise, which was helpful to open ourselves.

We tried also many playing methods, such as tremolo, do large crescendo und diminuendo. Sometimes I was just very tired because we play mostly in ff. So I must stop. But in the concert we were all with enthusiasm.

The musicians from Athens are very friendly. At the beginning some girls were a little bit shy. But several days later we were already friends. The traditional instruments are pretty attractive for me. I think it was a bit unfortunate because the acoustic in the hall was not so good, there were so much aftersounds. Hopefully it will be better in the next time.

The team from France and Grace are awesome. Our german group is really wonderful.It was a unforgettable experience. Thanks for all and I hope that we will meet again.