Athens and Trieste play In C

Friday 29 March 2019by Renaud

First transmission Playing In C between Athens and Trieste First transmission Playing In C between Athens and Trieste

We had the chance to test transmission between Athens and Trieste through the LoLa software. It was the first opportunity to play In C with this innovative musical collaboration tool.


George is an ethno-musicologist based at the University of Athens. It was amazing to see him play through distance on internet with his self-made Lyra reconstructed on the basis of an antic greek Lyre.

This was a novel mix of ancient and modern instruments playing the score of In C by Terry Riley.

Kostas noted that when he played Autumn Leaves, a jazz classic, on his guitar with a musician who played the trumpet in Trieste, the latency issue was not a problem. This is because in jazz, musicians are used to waiting for, listening to, and answering the other musicians, so they adapt to delays.

Playing In C caused another kind of problem. The piece is based on a very regular tempo, the note C, to which each musician has to be synchronised. For this piece, even minimal latency caused by the communication system between two cities separated by thousands of kilometers could be an issue. Even with the Lola system, which has very little latency, if musicians are not really synchronised on the C which represents the beat of Terry Riley’s piece, then playing together could be difficult.