First workshop in Dunkirk

Saturday 20 April 2019by Demaison Claire

From the 16th to the 21st of April, first workshop in Dunkirk

Big program for the first group of this first round of musical workshop. 30 students from the 3 countries met at the conservatory of Dunkirk to follow musical workshop with Nathalie NĂ©gro and Olivier Stalla (from PIANOANDCO) in order to perform the famous piece IN C by Terry Riley on Sunday April 21st at the LAAC in Dunkirk.

This time was a way of meeting each other and speaking a universal language in order to build a common project with other europeans. During the workshop they created their profiles on the digital platform where they can now all share their passion for music and collaborate with other musicians.

During the week, they had time to discover Dunkirk and its port, and also spent one day in Ostende for a special workshop with Bernard Dewulf. They visited the city museum James Ensor & Leon Spilliaert.